Lethal Rhythm

7422 stars
Peter R. Kowey

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Title Lethal Rhythm
Rating 7422 stars
Author Peter R. Kowey
Pages 322
Isbn NA
Review I decided to give this 4 stars - was wavering between 3 & 4 (wish could give half-stars). Went with 4 because of the ending.

Dr. Philip Starkis is an incredible cardiologist specializing in the electrical conduction system of the heart. One of his patients, an active young mother, dies suddenly - a direct result of what he had considered a mild form of a potentially lethal arrhythmia. He cannot understand why. Then comes every doctor's nightmare - a lawsuit. A huge lawsuit where the jury must understand complicated medical issues & treatments, contradictory testimony and assessments. Where it is so much simpler for the jury to make a decision based on emotion. At the end of the trial, Philip is devastated. His huge ego is crushed - after he is a perfectionist who does not make this type of mistake. He loses everything he spent his whole life building. And he cannot stop himself from searching out just what did happen - why did his patient die. And if he can get to the bottom of the case, will he be able to prove anything?

After working in healthcare for over thirty years, I felt I 'knew' Dr Philip Starkis. Many exceptional doctors are difficult - egocentric, self-confident to the point of arrogance, impatient, a bit lacking in the bedside manner department. To lose a large malpractice case, especially when they know they've done nothing wrong, can destroy their practice & their lives. When these decisions are made by people who do not understand the facts, can be easily led by their emotions, and never really get the whole story, well there are problems. Too many lawsuits are motivated by greed - make that quick buck - and the awards are can be outrageous. Too many juries are more than ready to punish the big bad medical machine and those who run it. Too many lawyers, well, there seem to be too many lawyers out to make their fortunes. And guilty or innocent doesn't really matter to the law - just what can be manipulated in each party's best interest. And there is the luck of the draw - judges are , after all, only human. As are doctors.

Thank you, Goodreads, for the opportunity to read this story. While a review is not necessary in exchange for the book, I want to recommend it to anyone interested in medical malpractice - from either side of the lawsuit.


Jan wrote: If it is stiff, not very mysterious and monotone why on earth would your sister like it????

Because it has a lot of medical jargon. It's stiff as a mystery but its relationship to the Medical field might not be so stiff to you.

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